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Danny Blind game

Danny Blind game

MwâhLeukGeinigGoedGeweldig (1 votes)

Rij, net als Danny Blind, dronken naar de Arena en probeer geen obstakels te raken.

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    23 oktober 2012 at 11:48

    Hi Desi, Pardesi or Whatever Girl!Good that you got the intention of the post clear. [You’d have raesid a war otherwise ]However, it seems you failed to understand the depth of the post. It’s on love and not on organ donation. All that the post intends to convey is: Love without expecting anything in return.Your comment sounds self contradictory. You say the intention is good but then you doubt it. You seem to be raising a war against gender disparity but then you are fuelling it.Remember, both genders are made to love, not to fight with one another. So, for God’s sake, don’t turn this post into a gender war.


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