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Fantastic Four 2

Fantastic Four 2

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Als ik deze teaser zie heb ik gelijk zin in de hele film. Wat een special effects!

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20 reacties

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    7 januari 2007 at 06:09

    YAHOO cant wait, looks great

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    7 januari 2007 at 19:43

    Hope it’s better than the first one.

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    8 januari 2007 at 14:56

    Agreed. My sentiments exactly.

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    12 januari 2007 at 04:56

    When is the Iron man movie ever gonna come out?

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    13 januari 2007 at 18:22

    Ok, that “is” cool O_O

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    15 januari 2007 at 04:03

    Are their others like Silver Surfer? Or is he the only that serves Galactus?

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    15 januari 2007 at 15:45

    He cannot. So can’t his flames, as they need oxygen 2 b generated. So what the Surfer does is take Johnny Storm into orbit.

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    15 januari 2007 at 15:48

    Air Walker, Nova, and some other one or two I cannot remember… Check Marvel’s issue of “What If…” when the FF are defeated and Galactus eats Earth. Guess who becomes Galactus next herald??

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    15 januari 2007 at 20:28

    in most of their fights, its a stalemate, no clear winner. But the fact that they can go toe to toe says enough.

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    19 januari 2007 at 08:14

    i think that include therrax also.. the alien being with power to control earth’s gravity .. i guess thats his power cause he tried to lift a whole city in NY but prevented by Sue storm

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    19 januari 2007 at 08:17

    that would be 2008..

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    19 januari 2007 at 08:09

    possibly.. silver surfer has cosmic powers at his disposal and he’ll find a way to beat that mindless hulk.. send him to oblivion ..or trap him inside the blackhole hehe

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    20 januari 2007 at 03:33

    I like your style Kill. What did you think of the first fantastic four? Can silver Surfer defeat Dark Phoneix?I got a million of these type of questions.^_^ LOL

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    22 februari 2007 at 05:46

    damn.. johnny can’t breathe in space.. he’s gotta be dead there..

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    22 februari 2007 at 22:13

    so johnny dies? and what about doom hes done ? lol

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    23 februari 2007 at 03:22

    Wait, isn’t the Silver Surfer a good guy? Or is the movie set before he stopped serving Galactus? Sry for the noob questions, but I never read much F4 when I was younger.

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    23 februari 2007 at 16:44


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    24 februari 2007 at 08:29

    You can’t really introduce Silver Surfer without explaining his origins, which would involve him being a Herald of Galactus.

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    10 maart 2007 at 22:22

    The movie is called Fantastic Four for a reason, because there are FOUR superheroes. If Johnny died, there couldn’t be a Fantastic Four. Silver Surfer is working as the herald of Galactus at that point in the movie, but later falls in love with Ben Grim (The Thing)’s girlfriend, that blind girl.

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    14 maart 2007 at 04:33

    Yup this movie is gonna kick the first one’s ass


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