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De geschiedenis van wiet

De geschiedenis van wiet

MwâhLeukGeinigGoedGeweldig (3 votes)

Van de Chinesen in 8000 voor christus tot nu. Welke rol heeft deze “magische” plant gespeeld in de geschiedenis?

Waarom had Hitler hennep nodig? Wat is Amerika’s probleem met dit plantje? Alles over de wietvezels en het recreatieve gebruik en veel meer.

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20 reacties

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    26 mei 2007 at 01:14

    Bill Hicks quote. I love you, man. “Oh my Me, I left fucking pot everywhere!”

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    26 mei 2007 at 01:14

    This movie (Grass) was a proper eye-opener for me. I’d been ignorant to a large amount of marijuana’s history and it helped me better appreciate the role which the plant has had in the cultivation of modern America.

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    26 mei 2007 at 02:59

    yes! that is so awesome you quoted bill hicks! bill hicks was a genious. check out my favorites, i have an awesome clip from one of his shows

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    29 mei 2007 at 01:19

    dese “facts” r complete bullshit..

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    4 juni 2007 at 08:11

    Lmao. Stoned Asian. ^_^

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    27 juni 2007 at 10:15

    Cool videoMmmmm marijuana

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    27 juni 2007 at 18:55

    if your stoned you can know this guy are lying.If you never smoked weed in your life just hit the water bong it is alot safer for you, i say a marijuana expert that never smoked pot in a day is no expert, and they have the gall to lecture us on the perils of pot do you own studys on it then see if its realy good or bad, like i know for sure i dont like going like this ^&% when a cop drives by and im puffing a joint we have to stand up!

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    30 juni 2007 at 07:51

    ha ha ha ha ha “cause addiction in the first weeks… and death” ha ha ha ha ha! no one has ever died from ganja and no one ever will

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    2 juli 2007 at 15:42

    u can smoke weed every day for months and years… and u wont die or get addicted this is bullshit

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    4 juli 2007 at 07:22

    im high watching this video, its hilarious

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    18 juli 2007 at 22:31

    I just don’t understand why people like pot so much..I’ve smoked it lots of times and I never got any joy out of it. All I experience from it is clouded thoughts, paranoia, hunger, drowsiness, coughing, sore throat, etc. Never had any inner peace, satisfaction, happyness, creativity, hallucinations. Not my idea of fun. I’ve grown to hate pot and will never smoke it again.

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    21 juli 2007 at 04:12

    Death? IM GONNA DIE.

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    31 juli 2007 at 03:52

    then yer weird, or more likely you didnt do it right

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    31 juli 2007 at 05:09

    yes I am quite weird and proud of it

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    1 augustus 2007 at 01:34

    lucky monkeys lol

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    2 augustus 2007 at 01:54

    definitely a respectable conclusion, but please don’t support or become passive toward the oppression of other’s rights to do things that merely offend you.

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    12 augustus 2007 at 04:08

    tell me this? was the weed you smoked all mainly with sticks and a bunch of seeds and smelled more like herb spices than a sknuky or a strong pine smell?

  18. avatar


    12 augustus 2007 at 16:46

    umm no seeds and sticks..all leaves and yes I inhaled it properly and have done it many times in the past from different sources. Seems to me that it’s hard for some people to accept the fact maybe someone just doesn’t like the effects of getting high? Everyone is different and not everyone is subjected to enjoy it. But honestly if people enjoy it, thats fine but realize you can’t force everyone in the world to do it and like it.

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    15 augustus 2007 at 19:13

    its not for everyone, but its definately for me

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    13 april 2012 at 18:06

    I smoke for 18 years now and 16years of them almost every day like 4 to 5 joints AND I M STILL ALIVE,
    Its a shame that people still not see that weed is almost harmless in contrast to alcholol what is indeed deadly,highly addicted and give some people a “bad aditude”.
    Only a fool has a opinion on something he never had done ,see or felt.
    I am glad that i live in Holland and that weed here is a accepted for Medicine, drugs and Materials.


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