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Methamphetamine slecht voor je

Methamphetamine slecht voor je

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Het gaat goed, of eigenlijk slecht, met het heroïne gebruik onder jongeren. Wat wil zeggen dat de drug een negatief imago heeft en er komen steeds minder junkies bij. Dit blijkt uit de jaarlijkse drugs monitor van het Trimbos instituut. Methamphetamine is een vergelijkbaar goedje qua verslaving. Kijk eerst nog even goed in de spiegel (en neem een fotootje) voordat je het gaat “proberen”.


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29 reacties

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    25 juni 2007 at 07:03

    What song is this and whose the singer? This song is ecxellent

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    26 juni 2007 at 10:03

    The song is “The Drugs don’t work” by the Verve.

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    26 juni 2007 at 10:04

    The singer is Richard Ashcroft.

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    27 juni 2007 at 22:28

    Yea, if it becomes an addiction it will destroy your life, as is the case with any drug.

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    28 juni 2007 at 02:51

    they were all ugly anyways…

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    29 juni 2007 at 00:54

    Hardly the point.

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    1 juli 2007 at 22:50

    Jesus, that’s horrible. I was never going to do drugs anyways but now I’m definantly not taking them EVER!

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    3 juli 2007 at 01:34

    you call that fine?

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    3 juli 2007 at 15:32

    Does meth make you grow hair? The last guy goes from being bald to having a full head of hair.

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    3 juli 2007 at 18:55

    It makes your hair turn……ginger. don’t do it

  11. avatar


    13 juli 2007 at 01:43

    daaaaaaammnnn….that’s rough.

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    13 juli 2007 at 14:57

    Thanks, every parent should show there children this video. The sad fact about these poor people is that most often don’t get the treatment they need. Jail is not the answer, treatment is. They are not criminals, they need help.

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    14 juli 2007 at 02:20

    impresionante,? sin duda!

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    23 juli 2007 at 00:16

    Wasnt expecting to see the older people.

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    24 juli 2007 at 02:51

    What a bunch of shit! Non of them looked like winners to begin with, even so, were we supposed to judge them simply by their appearance? That last guy grew all that hair in a year? Let people waste their lives. More air for the rest of us. Let’s exploit these losers to get more like them. DO DRUGS!

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    26 juli 2007 at 08:38

    no it makes you stop caring about your appearance, meaning he grew out his hair instead of having it nice & cut.

  17. avatar


    26 juli 2007 at 18:34

    No, the dude was bald- ie- no hair on the top, some on the sides, but somehow meth made him grow hair? Some of these are fakes.

  18. avatar


    30 juli 2007 at 00:45

    1:58, the worst!

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    30 juli 2007 at 13:42

    Whoever says they are not criminals is wrong they are in possesion of drugs and drug paraphenalia. Those are against the law in California. I don’t know where you got that mixed up. My niece just started that shit and won’t get off. I want her to go to jail.

  20. avatar


    31 juli 2007 at 00:31

    The guy at the 0:26 looks alot better after the drugs, in the before picture he looks like he is from Turkey or something and the after picture he looks like he is an American lol Also the last guy grow some hair and ended up looking like stifler from American Pie lol

  21. avatar


    3 augustus 2007 at 07:58

    No shit man! So many of these are obviously fake. It’s like watching those hair growth commercials.

  22. avatar


    4 augustus 2007 at 12:46

    wait…you want her to go to jail….umm, i’d force her to stop and get clean first…..if that didn’t work then, yea, thats when i call for jail………you’re a pretty fucked up uncle man….no offense but jeez….

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    10 augustus 2007 at 07:31


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    20 augustus 2007 at 15:59

    my uncle has been off of meth for 3 years

  25. avatar


    23 augustus 2007 at 01:01

    How many times have i told you to stop posting pics of my mom!??

  26. avatar


    24 augustus 2007 at 09:11

    “My niece just started that shit and won’t get off.”You’re an idiot, have you ever known anybody to get @#$%ed up by heavy drugs? Prison would be a godsend to many family who watch loved ones destroy themselves like that. If any of my mates started Meth I would kick the shit out of them to try and knock some sense into them, that’s just me and I’m sure they’d do the same for my own good. Prison definately isn’t a bad thing in situations like that.

  27. avatar


    27 augustus 2007 at 04:03

    i think its crazy how they look all tough at first and then they look like they just want help in the end

  28. avatar


    27 augustus 2007 at 08:37

    I think some of these are fake. Why do so many of these AFTER shots show red marks all over their faces? Duh.

  29. avatar


    28 augustus 2007 at 19:02

    Uh, Maybe because drug addicts have nervous ticks and they pick their faces and smoke out of pipes that get hot and burn their lips (although they are too numb to realize it).


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