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Jeb Corliss BASE Jumper

Jeb Corliss BASE Jumper

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Jeb Corliss is een professioneel BASE jumper en reist de wereld rond om van bekende en minder bekende gebouwen, bruggen, masten, rotsen en andere hoge plekken af te springen. Respect!

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5 reacties

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    10 april 2007 at 11:38

    Rock on, dude!!That running-down-the-hill-gainer jump (07:15). #%# yeah!? Unbelivable awsome jump, jeb.

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    11 april 2007 at 21:08

    Wow. Awsome footage. How do you fund your trips?? Must be pretty costly to travel like that. Your jumps are amazing. I skydive, but never based jump. I imagine its a whole new level. Wish you success for your future jumps.

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    24 april 2007 at 19:29

    fantastic video! you must be one of the best base jumpers. i like your style

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    8 augustus 2007 at 18:45

    sweet vid

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    27 augustus 2007 at 14:03

    Very nice movie, i like the new york :)


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