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Tom Schaar 1080 op skateboard

Tom Schaar 1080 op skateboard

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De 12jarige Tom Schaar landt de eerste 1080 op een 21 meter hoge mega ramp. Oftewel 3 keer om je eigen as draaien en landen.

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    9 augustus 2012 at 04:08

    well i hav a little bit of exienperce but basically brand new at it and my dad baught me a old 70 s nash skateboard that is shaped like a old surfboard. from wat ive read it is classified a a cruiser and the middle part of the deck is 5.5 inches wide and where the trucks are the board is 4 and 10/16ths inches wide. i was thinkin of getting new trucks and preferebly longboard trucks if i can and i was wondering wat size i would need for it. if u cant put any longboard truck widths down just put normal truck widths then. so thank u for reading and i hope u can help me out.


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